Etiquette For Everyone


Date: FEBRUARY 19, 2024

On February 19, 2024, Chestertons MENA hosted a transformative Business Etiquette Training session, attended by 46 dedicated real estate agents and administrative staff. This comprehensive workshop covered essential topics including business etiquette fundamentals, customer service excellence, email and phone etiquette, time management and productivity, professional dress code, and networking etiquette.

In today’s evolving workforce, with a significant influx of Gen Z professionals and the ongoing trend of remote work, investing in etiquette training has never been more crucial. This session was meticulously designed to align employees with Chestertons MENA’s mission and vision, ensuring they become exemplary brand ambassadors.

Participants gained valuable insights into the nuances of professional behavior, enhancing their ability to represent the company with confidence and competence. The training emphasized the importance of superior customer service, efficient communication through email and phone, and effective time management strategies to boost productivity. Moreover, attendees were guided on maintaining a professional appearance and mastering the art of networking, both crucial for career growth and business success.

The feedback from this session was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees appreciating the practical tips and interactive approach. This training not only equipped them with the skills needed to excel in their roles but also fostered a cohesive and professional workplace culture.

In a competitive business landscape, where first impressions and consistent professionalism matter more than ever, etiquette training is an invaluable investment. Elevate your team’s performance and company reputation by ensuring all employees embody the highest standards of business etiquette. Contact us to schedule your customized training session and transform your workforce into a team of polished, proficient, and proud representatives of your brand.