Etiquette For Everyone


Title: Keyani Wellness Staff Training – Business Etiquette
Date: November 12-13, 2023
Location: Keyani Wellness Center, Al Manara, Dubai

My first corporate business etiquette training with the six admin staff at Keyani Wellness Center was a significant milestone in enhancing the company’s image and customer service. During this training, the focus was on transforming the administrative team into exemplary ambassadors for the company. They were equipped with the skills and knowledge to not only meet but exceed customer expectations, ensuring the delivery of exceptional customer service. The highlight of the training was the incorporation of engaging role plays. These interactive scenarios were not only enjoyable but also immensely valuable for the staff. The practical nature of the exercises made it easy for them to grasp and understand the finer points of business etiquette. By the end of the training, the admin staff had not only acquired essential skills but had also developed a deeper appreciation for the importance of exemplary customer service. It was a hands-on and enjoyable experience that left them well-prepared to represent Keyani Wellness Center with utmost professionalism and dedication.