Etiquette For Everyone


Good etiquette is essential for both life and business success, as it is a universal language that improves our daily interactions in society.

What is the correct way to use your napkin while dining at a formal dinner?

In a formal dining setting, how should you properly signal to the server that you have finished your meal?

What is the appropriate way to pass dishes and condiments at the dinner table?

When meeting someone for the first time in a professional setting, what are key elements to consider in your appearance and body language?

How important is eye contact during a first introduction, and what can it signify?

In a networking event, what is an effective way to introduce yourself and make a memorable first impression?

How can active listening improve a conversation, and what does it involve?

What strategies can be used to handle a situation where you have to deliver negative feedback in a professional context?

In a group discussion, what are some effective ways to ensure that everyone's opinions are heard and respected?

When communicating via email in a professional setting, what are key elements to ensure your message is clear and appropriately formal?