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Children Etiquette Workshop (Private Session)

2,688.00 د.إ

Children are amazing little learners, aren’t they? Just like little detectives, they pick up on everything around them. It’s incredible how quickly good manners become a part of their daily routine when they start learning them early. Ever dreamed of taking your kids to a party and just knowing they’ll charm everyone there? Picture this: no more nudging them to use their fork and knife the right way, or to look people in the eye when saying hello, or even to send those cute thank you notes after their birthday parties. That’s exactly what our children’s etiquette course is all about! Tailored for young champions aged 6 to 12, it’s packed with all the essential skills they need to shine in any social setting. They’ll learn how to be graceful and confident, and trust me, it’s going to make them feel super good about themselves. This isn’t just about good manners; it’s about setting them up for a happy, confident journey into grown-up life!

In-person (with light lunch)
Duration: 5 sessions (2 hours per session)
Location Dubai, UAE

Including all course materials, a sandwich lunch (during dining etiquette session) and a certificate upon completion.
Additional participants receive a 50% discount on the course fee.



Our private etiquette course for children is just like a treasure box full of fun and learning! It’s perfectly tailored for their age, and it’s all about making learning a blast. We dive into exciting topics like table manners – no more peas flying across the table! We talk about how to introduce themselves and keep a conversation going, stand tall with impeccable posture, and even the art of writing thank-you notes. But it’s not just about the “please” and “thank yous.” We’re big on helping kids find their happy place and keep their cool in any situation – very important for feeling confident in the big wide world. This one-to-one course is delivered in person at your home or venue of choice. Students have the option of adding a three-course lunch to cover dining etiquette and table manners.


  • Introductions and meeting new people.
  • Confident conversation
  • Posture and body language<
  • Grooming, hygiene and personal presentation
  • Tech-etiquette
  • Writing thank you letters
  • Dining etiquette and table manners


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