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Teen Etiquette Workshop (Private Session)

2,688.00 د.إ

Ready for a 5-day course of fun and learning that prepares teens for grown-up life? This course is all about giving them the superpowers to breeze through social, school, and even future job situations with a big smile and loads of confidence. Being a teenager is like riding the world’s craziest roller coaster, right? There’s exam stress, the whole friends scene, and don’t even get me started on social media. My private classes are like a teen’s secret toolkit. I help them tackle all these twists and turns, making sure they’re ready to make great choices for their future. It’s all about empowering them to step into adulthood with their best foot forward!

In-person (with light lunch)
Duration: 5 sessions (2 hours per session)
Location: Dubai, UAE

Including all course materials, a sandwich lunch (during dining etiquette session) and a certificate upon completion.
Additional participants receive a 50% discount on the course fee.



In today’s super competitive world, where everyone’s hustling for university spots, internships, and dream jobs, it’s not just about what you know. It’s how you shine while you show it! Giving teens that extra sparkle to go with their smarts is like giving them a secret weapon in the race. Picture them wowing everyone not just with their brains, but with their standout social skills, top-notch manners, and super high EQ. My program is like the ultimate training ground. We’re talking about key skills that turn young people into amazing adults. I focus on helping them become independent, brimming with confidence, and treating everyone with respect. It’s all about setting them up to not just succeed, but to truly stand out. This one-to-one course is delivered in person at your home. Students have the option of adding a three-course lunch to cover dining etiquette and table manners.


  • First impressions
  • Personal presentation
  • Posture and body language
  • Communication skills
  • Digital etiquette
  • Emotional intelligence and growth mindset
  • Dining etiquette and table manners
  • Interview skills


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