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Young Ambassadors: Personalized Etiquette Coaching for Children

1,340.00 د.إ

Welcome to ‘Young Ambassadors,’ my exclusive one-on-one etiquette coaching designed for children aged 10-16.

Price: 268 AED per session
Duration: 5 sessions (1 hour per session)



In this personalized program, I focus on nurturing the essential skills needed for your child to excel in social settings. Over five one-hour sessions, I cover a comprehensive range of topics, ensuring attention to detail in every aspect of manners and etiquette. Your child will learn the art of making a memorable first impression, mastering proper handshakes, eye contact, and confident self-introductions. We delve into the nuances of presenting friends and family, along with business introduction etiquettes.

My sessions also encompass vital communication skills, including crafting heartfelt thank you notes, telephone and internet etiquette. Table manners and dining etiquette are thoroughly explored to cultivate graceful dining habits. Moreover, I teach the etiquettes of being a gracious host and guest. Each session is tailored to address the individual needs of your child, fostering a confident, well-mannered young individual ready to shine in any social circle.


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